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2 Days 1 Night itineraries to Nasatta Light Festival Winter Illumination 2023

Get your bag and camera ready and hit the road to the original light festival in Thailand in Ratchaburi Province. Nasatta Light Festival Winter Illumination 2023 is located inside Nasatta Heritage Park in Ratchaburi Province, a cute little town just an hour and a half south of Bangkok. Nearly 20 rais of land is packed full with both traditional art pieces and light art installations all of which yearly created and arranged especially for this festival. This is an event you do not want to miss if you are in Thailand during the month of November and January.

Day 1: Rent a car

BKK – Nakhon Pathom – Nasatta Heritage Park


Start your day early and leave from Bangkok before 9am so you have time to make a stop at Nakhon Pathom Province and see the first and oldest Pagoda in Thailand at Wat Pra Pathom Chedi.  

** Must see “พระพุทธรูปศิลาขาว” or The Great Buddha Image made from white sand stone. This Buddha Image is over 1,000 year old and being displayed inside the chapel of Wat Pra Pathom Chedi. **


Before leaving Nakhon Pathom, have your lunch at ร้านฮิ้น ข้าวหมูแดง (Hin Kao Moo dang) where you can get delicious Chinese BBQ meat with rice at a reasonable price. This much loved BBQ shop has been opened for more than 30 years and is now operated by the second generation. Your taste bud is guaranteed to be satisfied.

2 Days 1 Night Nasatta Light Festival Winter Illumination 2023

After lunch, you will continue south toward Ratchaburi Province. When you get to Bang-Pear intersection, turn left and continue straight for a minutes or two till you see PTT Gas station to your right. Make a u-turn, drive pass Bang-Pear Municipal and You will see a big red building. Nasatta Heritate Park’s main entrance will be to you left next to the red building.

Make sure you arrive at Nasatta Heritage Park around 2pm. Get an all-day ticket so you can enjoy the museum exhibitions and do some workshops while the daylight still last. I recommend you try gold gilding workshop and scented candle workshop for some unique souvenirs. The light on time is 18:00 – 22:00.  You have plenty of time to enjoy picking out Traditional Thai Dress at the Park’s rental shop if you so choose.

** Tip 1: If you feel hungry, make sure that you get something to eat before the museum kitchen is closed at 16:00. The kitchen is located to the right of the museum gate. There are also street food stall selling into the festival but they won’t be open till 5pm.

***Tip 2: Stay at a hotel in Photharam.    

Day 2: Photharam City Center – BKK


Start you day early and get “ขนมครก” (kanom krok) from the famous shop in front of the Photharam Post Office for breakfast like a local.

** Tip: Get there before 8:00am at the latest to ensure you get your morning treat.

After breakfast, you can visit วัดคงคา (wat kong ka) in Photharam city center to admire the beautiful wall painting inside the temple. The next stop I recommend is the shadow puppet museum at วัดขนอน (wat ka non). This museum held one the largest collection of tradition shadow puppets in Thailand. You will be marvellous craftsmanship is hard to find in today materialistic world.


Before leaving this cute town, make a stop at a duck noodle shop called ร้านบะหมี่เป็ดหยู่ไอ่ (Ran Ba Me Ped Yu Ia) for your lunch. This noodle is famous for its homemade egg noodle so you must have the egg noodle. I assure you that you won’t regret it.


After satisfy your hunger make a final stop at เต้าหู้ดำแม่เล็ก (tofu dam mea lek) to buy some black tofu for souvenir. This shop has been around for ages and is famous for its Black tofu. The tofu is simmered in delicious Chinses herbal broth until it soaks up all the flavors hence the black coloring.  

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